Popular Drinks
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There are many beverages that are specially made in Bolivia. These beverages are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. These external image 5547.jpgbeverages include chicha, togori, singani, api, zomo, chichad de mani, beer, and wine. There are many types of beer in Bolivia as well as wine. Pacena, a Bolivian beer, is known as some of the best on the continent.

Chicha- fermented corn (the drink of the Aztecs)
Togori- hot, thick drink made with corn
Singani- an alcoholic drink, similar to pisco, served on ice along with some sweet juice such as sprite or orange juice
Api and Zomo- made with sweetened corn flour, boiled in cinnamon, and some tropical fruit drinks
Chichad de Mani- soft drink with peanut
Beer- Taquina, Pacena, and Huari
Wine- very good from the Tarjina region