Soccer (Football)

Soccer, also known as Football, is the main sport in Uruguay. The sport is very popular all around the World but holds some of the better teams in South and Central America.

Uruguay's World Cup Soccer Team
Uruguay's World Cup Soccer Team

The Uruguay soccer team is one of five countries to have won the FIFA World Cup two or more times. ("Uruguay: Sports And Recreation")
Uruguay hosted the first ever World Cup in 1930 and ended up winning by beating Argentina in the finals. One of Uruguay's most notable victories was their unfavored victory over Brazil in 1950.("Uruguay: Sports And Recreation").
Uruguay is by far the smallest country to win the World Cup and be successful in the sport of soccer.

Uruguay's legacy in soccer is quite large, by having multiple soccer teams win championships. Some of their more dominant teams include the Club Atletico Penarol and Club Nacional de Footbal. Both teams are popular for winning multiple championships. ("Uruguay: Sports And Recreation").

Soccer is not only successful on a commercial level but it is one of Uruguay's past times. Many children are raised on soccer and dominates as the most popular sport. People play soccer all around Uruguay and will constantly pass it on to future generations.

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