The Incas

One of the ancient people of Bolivia was the Incas. There empire started in the 12th century and by the 16th century was the biggest ever in South America history. The Inca capital in Bolivia was Cusco. The Incan empire had expanded from Chile to Ecuador. They believed in the Inca god who descended from the Sun. Unlike most empires that led with by military the Incas led by proxy. This meant that once they conquered a tribe they would take there rulers and put them into there government system to help improve it. They also rewarded soldiers for fighting for them. Agriculture was very tough on the Incas living in the Andes Mountains because of the rocky and rough structures. The Inca ruling system was very tough and strict. At the top was the army commander and the highest priest or ruler. These people were called the Sapa. After the Sapa came the council members to the Sapa. After them came the other priests and army commanders that were not on the top along with the architects. The two lowest classes consisted of farmers, artists, army captains, and herders. Farmers had to pay tax in gold that was distributed to the higher classes. The highest point in the Inca villages were used for Religious purposes because it was the closest to the Sun God that they worshiped. Usually gold and other valuables were kept at these places. For punishment Incas did not use prisons or jails but instead ususally just executed the person. Some ways are that they threw them off of cliffs or had there eyes and ears cut off. The Incan empire ended when the Spanairds invaded with only 180 of there men all 40000 Incas were killed or captured. Even though many battles lead to the end of the Incas, most of the Incas had died from disease like smallpox from the Spanish or they just gave up and joined the Spanairds.
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