The Guanaco is an interesting and uncommon animal. It is a member of the Camelidae family.(1) These animals are some what like llamas. They have a double coat. One is rough and it is used for protection. The inner coat is soft. The coat is a cinnamon color with white patches and a black or gray head. They are hunted for their coat and their meat. Sadly, this animal is endangered and has to be protected so that they do not vanish forever. The Guanaco is about 3 foot and 6 inches and has thin bones.(1) They stretch to be about 5 feet in length. These animals live in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay. They live in habitats such as grasslands, subtropical, tropical, and grasslands. They are very fast creatures. They can run as fast as 56 kilometers per hour!(1)

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